Friday, August 9, 2013

Five for Friday, a Flash Freebie, and another Freebie! {Hello Alliteration}

It's Friday... sigh. Today is/was my last Friday before workdays, and here I find myself still working on classroom related items. Of course, because I am a teacher. :) In true back to school fashion, I'm linking up for Five for Friday goodness! Click on the (excellently updated) picture to visit for yourself.

Number 1.
I finally finished my author's purpose task cards. Sweet Jesus I have been working on these things since like--May! There are 28 task cards total, a game board, poster for your literacy wall area, game participation cards, a response sheet and answer key. I have already printed and cut mine, and will be laminating ASAP!



Oh... and they are currently FREE in my TpT store {Here} if you want to download them! This Freebie won't last for long, though, so get them while you can. I'd love some feedback, people! :)
But WAIT! There's another freebie if you keep reading, so be sure to come back! :)
Number 2.
I've been working on my classroom this week trying to finish up what's left. I have also been doing as much as possible at home, too, like these to put out for open house.
You can check these cute print-ables out {here}.
Number 3.
Still on the Hollywood kick, here is a freebie that I shared a couple days ago. Just click the picture to download a copy of this cute roster for yourself! I assign student numbers to cut down on having to re-make items from year to year. The problem is I sometimes forget their numbers, so I plan to post this chart up in my room and also place one in my teacher notebook.
Number 4.
Teacher County Orientation. Yeah, that was today, from 7:45-4. There's nothing else I really need to say about that. Ugh.
Number 5.
 I've never taught at a school where I'm responsible for turning in a lunch count each day, so this will take some time to get used to. I whipped up these little cards and student numbers, threw some magnetic tape on the back and hope to stick them on a filing cabinet if I ever get one. :)
Well, folks, that's it! I'm off to do a bunch of nothing! Go link up!

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hollywood {Classroom Pictures} & a FREEBIE!

As most of you know, this is my first year in a new school in Niceville, Florida. Niceville kinda has a ring to it, doesn't it? As if you would expect everyone to be super duper nice? Well, they are. :) Literally EVERY person I have met has offered their assistance in some way and stopped by to chat... that's probably why I've been to work on my room almost every day this week--ha! Anyway, I wanted to share my progress thus far and offer a Hollywood freebie for you to enjoy, just for sticking around. :) Now, these aren't all the pictures of my room, like from every angle because I'm not completely done. I will be soon, though, because my county orientation is tomorrow, teacher training starts Monday and open house is Thursday. Ahhh!!

Okay. so I now see the 'Director Lopez' is completely not centered. I'll be fixing that soon! I also need to add stars, but even with the crookedness, it's way better than the ugly mess it used to be.

Here's another peek into my desk area. This will be where my teacher computer goes once it arrives. Remember I said school starts the 19th? Pray, people, pray. See the colorful Hollywood Bucks there? I thought this pink shelf/holder/thingy was the perfect place to hold the bucks, but I can't yet think of anything to put in the rest of it. Oh, well! You can grab the bucks, behavior chart and classroom reward tickets {here} from my TpT store, or read up on the system I use, {here}.

This will soon be my outside display of Hollywood Quality Work.. again, a work in progress! :)

This is an old corkboard that had way too many holes and was way too ugly. I had some left over bulletin board paper, so decided to cover it like a Christmas present and go from there. It's hanging behind my desk area.

The supplies... can you believe our area doesn't have a teacher store? I had to drive all the way to Pensacola to get these materials! If anyone is interested in making way more money than you do now, quit your job, move to the Niceville, Florida area and open a teacher store. I'll be your numero uno customer!
My room began with these colors, which aren't awful..

Very bright, to be exact..
But! They did not go with my Hollywood theme, hence the black, red and stars.

I'm thinking of displaying our class rules up on the top there, once my students and I create them!

So there you have it, some of my class thus far. Still tons more to do, but I wanted to leave you with a freebie for those of you who also use a Hollywood themed system!
I assign each one of my students a number to make things such as roll calling and labeling easier on myself, and so I don't have to recreate materials year after year. I sometimes forget who has which number, so I whipped up a cute chart I'm going to display in my room. One will be hanging up in a centralized location, and the other in my teacher notebook. Click on the picture to download!
*Background from the 3am Teacher
Clipart From Scrappin' Doodles

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