Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Savings Circular!

I think at this point we all know there's a HUGE TPT sale happening  December 1st & 2nd (tomorrow!). That's something to be excited for. :) My shop will of course be 20% off plus the extra 10% TPT offers using the code TPTCYBER when you check out. 

Aaaand... my task cards are still on sale as part of the Black Friday {through Sunday} deals! Each set is only $1. Tonight at midnight they'll go back to their usual price, slashed by 20%. Happy shopping, friends! :)

(Click on the picture below to check 'em out!)

Friday, November 28, 2014

Five for Friday: Notice a change? + Freebies!

Hey, friends! I'm super excited for the time to sit down, share my thoughts, and link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching
This Thanksgiving break was much needed and much appreciated! 

Do you notice anything different? Say, a BLOG MAKEOVER by the lovely Megan at A Bird in Hand Designs?! She has super reasonable prices and does amazing work. This process took maybe a week because she's just. that. good. I feel like a kid at Christmas smiling at their presents... I keep opening my blog just to look at it. #satisfiedcustomer

Are you teaching division yet? Will you be soon? Click the picture below to download these freebies! It isn't an organized unit; rather, printables that can be used to solidify the basic understandings of division and vocab words. Check it out by clicking on the picture, or read the blog post where I described how I used it in my classroom {here}. 

Did you get your shop on yesterday or today? I did not. I instead worked away on grad school projects, only traveling out for Panera and Starbucks. The necessities, ya know? I did however join in on the super Black Friday deals! All my task cards are on sale for only $1 until Sunday. Click on the picture to view those in my TPT shop.

I'm very thankful for a group of ladies to connect with while our husbands are deployed. We recently had a Glam Night where we could dress up or down, but either way came to celebrate our beauty in Christ. The ladies in charge did a fabulous job as you can see, decorating the mini hot-dogs with tuxedos. There was even a s'mores table. Yes, please! 

Did I make this beauty? Lawd, no! I wouldn't even know where to start! I did purchase it from an Etsy shop of a friend who knows a friend, which is one of my favorite ways to shop. Support those mama's! Click here for her Facebook page, if you're interested. 

I hope you enjoy the last few days of break, friends. Soon enough we'll be back in our PJ's on a Friday night not dreading our return to work on Monday. Winter break is soon! :)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Division Freebie

One week before Thanksgiving Break. Can I get an Amen? This week coming up is about all things turkey and making it through alive. I'm just popping in to give you all a few quick division freebies. I hope you can use them now, or pin them for later. Click on any of the pictures to download from TPT.  

We recently finished a multiplication unit, meaning on to division. I like to provide hands-on activities as much as possible, especially with new vocabulary terms. This sorting activity had students cut out and sort cards for dividend, divisor, and quotient. As you can see in the picture, such as in the quotient column, the quotient could be on top of the "box" or beside the equal sign. I like for my students to be familiar with the vocabulary no matter how the equation is set up. 

This activity requires students to read the word problem, write the total, then determine if the number given is the number of groups, or the number in each group. Here's an example of both types:

Example 1:
There were 16 drinks and 2 coolers. How many drinks were in each cooler?
Total: 16 drinks (Yes, I make my kiddos label the numbers! This ensures comprehension!)
Groups: 2 coolers
# in each group: 8 drinks in each cooler (This is what students had to figure out)
Division Sentence: 16 (divided by) 2 = 8

Example 2:
There were 20 hats. If there were 4 hats in each drawer, how many drawers were there?
Total: 20 hats
Groups: 5 drawers (this is what students had to figure out)
# in each group: 4 hats in each drawer
Division Sentence: 20 (divided by) 5 = 4

My students enjoyed this activity, and I felt it was a meaningful review.

I had my students complete this task with a partner, but each student had their own recording sheet. They had to first discuss their thoughts, then move to working it out, then explaining. When their explanations were written, they had to read them to their partners to ensure they said just what they wanted them to.

I hope you find these useful in your rooms!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sunday Savings!

Well, happy November! Can you believe it's already the month before Christmas? It's a cold day here in Florida, meaning my day will consist of church, Starbuck's hot chocolate, and grocery shopping (only because I need to feed my baby). Other than that it'll be lots of snuggles and a lazy couch day. We all need those. :) While I'm rockin' my snowman PJ's I will be perusing Sunday Circulars hosted by Nicole from All Things Apple in 2nd! I hope you'll stick around to check out the other great deals! 

This week is a deal for all of my friends who need ELA resources. This week you can buy any 2 sets of task cards and get one set for FREE! OR--you can go ahead and buy the BUNDLE of 6 sets (a 20% savings) and get literacy stations for bigger kids for FREE! All you have to do is send me an email after you purchase and I'll have your free items sent right over to you. Easy as that!

Click on any of the link below to check out these products in my store!

I hope you stay warm today and feel thankful for all your blessings. 

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

FSA: A Brief Overview From a Teacher Trying to Figure it All Out.

Those of you who teach in Florida are probably well aware that we are switching over from FCAT to FSA for standardized testing. While it is scary and unknown and totally new territory, it appears to be happening. I've put together a brief post sharing what I know so far, the resources I've found, and my plan of action to help prepare my students. I don't claim to be an expert by any means, more of a humble teacher on this journey with the rest of you. 

 The only sample assessment I've seen comes from the website pictured. It scares me and makes me uneasy that I've only seen one sample, and the format is new. Anyone with me?! Below I've listed directions to navigate the website for taking a sample assessment. If you haven't taken the sample assessments, brace yourselves. 

It's about to get real, friends! :) By the way, if you click on any of the pictures you can view them larger. 

Some teachers from my school had the idea of using these questions as a problem of the day, but each time you open the assessment, you're started back at question one. Bummer. 

It's my understanding that fifth grade takes the computer-based testing this year, then fourth grade next year, and third grade after that (at least in my district). As a third grade teacher that makes me feel a little better, BUT--if ours is still paper-based this year, what will that look like?! There are so many questions flying around in teachers' heads regarding all of this, that I fear may not be answered until after the fact. I decided that instead of living in fear and refusing to give this test, I would roll with the punches and create a resource for my students that I hope helps. 

I'll be creating 4 parts total, all spiraling third grade math CCSS. Instead of having all "normal" questions students are accustomed to, many of these questions require students to create, select "all that apply," and explain their thinking. It's in a PowerPoint presentation so it can be displayed on any board type, and includes the question on one slide, followed by the answer on the next slide.I also print these questions for student math journals daily. Included in the preview is a free week of POD questions if you'd like to use them. Even if you don't teach 3rd grade, a review never hurt anyone. 

I hope this post is at least a little helpful. I'll share if I get any other information, and please feel free to add any information you have in the comments. Just remember we're all in this together...:)

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sunday Circular: Behavior Management

Halloween is on a Friday this year. As if Friday's weren't enough fun already, let's throw Halloween in the mix, just to add to the craziness! With any luck it'll be a full moon, too! #saidnoteacherever

To help keep you sane this week, I've got a deal for you I think you can appreciate. I'm linking up with Nicole from All Things Apple for super Sunday Circulars!

After my first year teaching I knew I needed more than a clip chart for my friends. There didn't seem to be enough incentive, so that's when I started using these classroom reward coupons. I also use an economy system in my room, where students earn money for completing homework assignments, getting their planners signed, participating in class, and overall positive behaviors. With this money they buy their classroom coupons, but having classroom money is not at all required. That part is completely up to you!

I use a simple organization system for these reward coupons, this way it's easy and not another thing. Amen?! 

Using the coupons is sometimes incentive enough to do the right thing, but I do use this next product every. single. day. And love it. 

For October I printed my pumpkins on orange paper, and each Monday students grab a new behavior chart and tape it on their desks. The prep is simple--print and cut. When students are off-task, they "mark one off." I'm sure other teachers in the hallway think I'm crazy when I say, "Please make better choices so you don't lose a pumpkin (or bee, or flower, or chick!)." But my students understand the simple system, and know that at the end of each day they record their fraction in their planner. Parents know exactly what these fractions mean, because there's a parent sheet that goes home prior to use. It's individualized because it's on their desks, and it's there as a constant reminder. There are 2 versions available--the first has 5 clovers (or whatever the month is) and the second has 4 clovers. This is perfect for those special friends with behavior intervention plans and require more chances than others. 

So.. what's the deal?! If you buy the classroom reward coupons for $4, you get the behavior charts (regularly $2.50) for FREE! Just send me an email at letting me know your TPT username, and I'll send them right over! Happy shopping, friends! 

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Savings Circular!

It's Sunday, friends. Many of us are (sadly) turning our teacher brains back on, gearing up for yet another week of school. Unless you're on Fall Break, and if so, let me just say #whatisthat and #iwantone. Anyway, I know I'll personally be grading papers alldaylong, while taking care of new puppies. I had to share.. they're precious. And exhausting. But precious nonetheless.

To help with that Sunday sadness, I'm linking up with Nicole from All Things Apple in 2nd for Sunday Savings Circular. I have some deals going on myself, and so do many other teacher-bloggers. Be sure to check those out as well!

For this week's deals, there are 2 options for you:
1. Buy 2 sets of task cards and get 1 set FREE!


Go ahead and buy the BUNDLE (that's already discounted by 25%!) and get

Remember, these deals last for SUNDAY ONLY, so check out the deals while you can! Also, be sure to send me an email for those free items!

I can't wait to hear from you! 

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Freebie for Annotating Text

It's Friday, hallelujah! I considered linking up for Five for Friday, but I'm too exhausted for five of anything right now. Except for maybe 5 consecutive hours of sleep. Anyone with me?!

Cell phones from Melonheadz clipart, I just added the words on top. She's fantastic! :)

I did want to pop in and share a freebie I made with all of you fantastic people. I'll be using these cell phones on Monday as we begin the process of close reading. Every annotation can be done with a pencil since the idea of a highlighter and anything state-testing-related gives me severe anxiety. If you are concerned about the colored ink, not to fear! There are both smaller versions and black/white versions available. 

Click on any of the pictures to download these from Google Docs. Enjoy your weekends, friends! 

Want to check out other free resources? Click below to do so! :)

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