Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Savings Circular!

It's Sunday, friends. Many of us are (sadly) turning our teacher brains back on, gearing up for yet another week of school. Unless you're on Fall Break, and if so, let me just say #whatisthat and #iwantone. Anyway, I know I'll personally be grading papers alldaylong, while taking care of new puppies. I had to share.. they're precious. And exhausting. But precious nonetheless.

To help with that Sunday sadness, I'm linking up with Nicole from All Things Apple in 2nd for Sunday Savings Circular. I have some deals going on myself, and so do many other teacher-bloggers. Be sure to check those out as well!

For this week's deals, there are 2 options for you:
1. Buy 2 sets of task cards and get 1 set FREE!


Go ahead and buy the BUNDLE (that's already discounted by 25%!) and get

Remember, these deals last for SUNDAY ONLY, so check out the deals while you can! Also, be sure to send me an email for those free items!

I can't wait to hear from you! 

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  1. Momma and those puppies are just adorable!

  2. Oh my goodness!! Those puppies are adorable!!! Thank you so much for linking up today!! So you don't have a fall break at all??? We just started our 2 week fall break (balanced calendar :)! I wish I could send some days to you!! Hope you have a great week!

    Thanks again!
    Nicole :)
    All Things Apple in 2nd