Saturday, March 24, 2018

Reading Comprehension Skills & Strategies

How do you infuse the teaching of reading skills and strategies? If you use a basal reading series, you most likely focus on one skill and strategy for a 1-2 week period. Even if you don't use a basal and find your own texts to use, it's a great practice to focus on re-teaching and reviewing comprehension skills and strategies. They're all so interrelated anyway.

When I teach reading skills and strategies, I like to display a poster on our class focus wall. This lets anyone who walks in the classroom know what we're targeting at the time, and is also a great reminder for students.

Even better than that, I have the same posters available to students at their desks. I don't start the year with a full ring of cards because that would be overwhelming, but I do give students a card to add to their rings as we go over it. I find students referencing their comprehension rings often during their seat work, independent reading, and even group work. We use these during small group time as well.

To use these cards, I print them (they come 4 to a page), laminate, cut them out and hole punch. The students do the rest. I know it can be tedious to laminate these bad boys, but I want them to last all year. Plus, it's a great task for my parent volunteer!

 There are the posters we use throughout the year. They're bright and fun, meaning they draw attention to themselves--which is the point!

You can find these posters as well as mini-posters in my TPT store. They're bundled together as well for a discounted price!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Certificates for the First Week of School

Hello, friends! Just wanted to pop in and share these certificates with you that I made for the week of school. There are options for surviving the first day and the first week, and they're editable. Grades pre-k through 5th included!

There is also a certificate for that new teacher you are working with. They survived, too! :)

You can click here if you'd like to check these out!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Math Station Accountability

Hi, friends! Just dropping in to quickly share with you an upper grades accountability sheet for math stations. Lately in my class I've noticed my sweet kiddos are getting in the vacation mindset and not exactly wanting to complete much work, so--time to hold them accountable! I know I should have done this much earlier, but better late than never!

If you'd like a copy of your own, simply click on the picture below and download a copy from Google Docs. It's editable! 

Monday, June 20, 2016

2 for Tuesday: Task Card Bundle & Reward Coupons!

Happy summer, friends! I'm so happy to be at home in my PJs on a Tuesday morning as opposed to at work. Don't get me wrong--I love my job, I love teaching, but I also love down time. I love being a wife and mommy, and giving those two jobs all my attention, while also getting to create and relax my mind. Insert 2 for Tuesday, where I get to put new and existing products on sale and share those with you for 50% off!
This week, I'm putting my BIG ELA task card bundle & classroom reward coupons on sale. 

So, what's in this task card bundle? Only six sets of task cards for less than $1 each! No big deal. ;)

Also, a life-saver when it comes to classroom management is reward coupons. You can read a little bit more about those here

The summer is a perfect time to prep these babies and get them ready for the school year. They really are low prep, and are worth their weight in gold! Forty coupons are included, as well as a classroom economy system!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out these steals. Head on back to Chalk One Up for the Teacher to check out other deals!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Student Accountability Checklist *Freebie*

Towards the end of the last school year I posted a picture on Instagram (@mrsmandylopez) of these simple checklists I made for accountability. I was frustrated because my students were no longer being responsible for keeping up with their homework or morning work. No, I did not assign spelling, math, and fluency homework each night, but I put all of our homework types, as well as a section for behavior on one sheet for ease of use. Each morning I would do a quick check of whatever homework was assigned, as well as whether my students chose to complete their morning work (or do who knows what instead!). When it came time for recess, each student whose name appeared on my list owed me 5 minutes for each time their name was listed. After about a week, the responsibility level in my classroom magically went back up! #meanteachersunite

 I had a few people ask for copies of these sheets, so I emailed them what I had at the time. Since it's summer and I have a little more free time, I turned this checklist into 3 documents for you to download (by clicking here or the picture above):

1. Print and go using the basic form, writing in your own student names
2. Type your student names in all of the boxes, for easy checking and then print
3. Type your student names in one box, but hand write them in the other, then print

If you'd like to edit these, you can use the font I used, which was KG The Last Time, or leave it to default. The choice is yours! 

As I said, I didn't use these sheets until the end of last school year. I fully plan on using these at the BEGINNING this year, to start the year off with high expectations. I print about 20 of these at a time, front to back, and keep them on my clipboard. This clipboard goes everywhere with me (especially the hallway where students forget all the rules), so students know I mean business. I have too much to teach to worry about unnecessary silliness and irresponsibility. Now that I feel like a mean teacher before the school year even begins, I hope you're enjoying your summer, friends. Feel free to pin the above image to save for later. ;)

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2 for Tuesday--50% off Literacy Packs!

Is anyone else a little sad that it's the LAST day of June? How did that happen?! For me I pretty much have July off, and then it's back to the grind of setting up my room in August. I plan to enjoy this last month as much as possible, beginning with 2 for Tuesday!

For today ONLY my Literacy Stations for Bigger Kids and Homophone Practice Pack are both 50% off, meaning they're each only $2.25! These packs are both perfect for small groups or stations, and are much more than the typical worksheets! Click on the pictures below to check them out in my store. My kids have used both packs and LOVED them.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Date to DREAM


Isn't dreaming something we do all the time? Sometimes I find myself doing more wishful thinking, and have to stop myself for a mental pep-talk. Hard work and dedication equal success, and so I know that eventually these dreams can become a reality. 

First up, I'd love financial freedom. To have all our bills paid off, except for those regular monthly bills, with a nice savings account. To be prepared for the unexpected, like our new fancy $8,000 AC unit we just had to purchase. I want those situations to be like, "Oh, no big deal! We saved for that!" instead of "Dear Sweet Jesus, we may not eat next month!" Not really, but ya know. 

Once all those said bills are paid off, I'd love to have a budget for the FUN things in life, like planned or even spontaneous vacations around the world. To surprise my husband with trips to Vegas (to therefore waste money ;)) just because I made enough that month on TpT. One day..

I love being that person in the Starbucks line who pays for someone else's coffee. The idea that the person behind you has no idea who you are, yet is blessed by your kindness, with no expectation of receiving anything in return... the idea excites me. #beablessing

And finally, we have one Montessori school in our area, and it happens to be a dual immersion school for Spanish. I would LOVE to send Lilly to that school, but of course it comes with a price. Plus, since I'd still be working, I'd need a nanny of sorts to take her and pick her up, because their hours are only ones we can dream of. 

One day, my friends, one day. Until then... date to DREAM!