Thursday, July 23, 2015

Student Accountability Checklist *Freebie*

Towards the end of the last school year I posted a picture on Instagram (@mrsmandylopez) of these simple checklists I made for accountability. I was frustrated because my students were no longer being responsible for keeping up with their homework or morning work. No, I did not assign spelling, math, and fluency homework each night, but I put all of our homework types, as well as a section for behavior on one sheet for ease of use. Each morning I would do a quick check of whatever homework was assigned, as well as whether my students chose to complete their morning work (or do who knows what instead!). When it came time for recess, each student whose name appeared on my list owed me 5 minutes for each time their name was listed. After about a week, the responsibility level in my classroom magically went back up! #meanteachersunite

 I had a few people ask for copies of these sheets, so I emailed them what I had at the time. Since it's summer and I have a little more free time, I turned this checklist into 3 documents for you to download (by clicking here or the picture above):

1. Print and go using the basic form, writing in your own student names
2. Type your student names in all of the boxes, for easy checking and then print
3. Type your student names in one box, but hand write them in the other, then print

If you'd like to edit these, you can use the font I used, which was KG The Last Time, or leave it to default. The choice is yours! 

As I said, I didn't use these sheets until the end of last school year. I fully plan on using these at the BEGINNING this year, to start the year off with high expectations. I print about 20 of these at a time, front to back, and keep them on my clipboard. This clipboard goes everywhere with me (especially the hallway where students forget all the rules), so students know I mean business. I have too much to teach to worry about unnecessary silliness and irresponsibility. Now that I feel like a mean teacher before the school year even begins, I hope you're enjoying your summer, friends. Feel free to pin the above image to save for later. ;)