Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sunday Circular: Behavior Management

Halloween is on a Friday this year. As if Friday's weren't enough fun already, let's throw Halloween in the mix, just to add to the craziness! With any luck it'll be a full moon, too! #saidnoteacherever

To help keep you sane this week, I've got a deal for you I think you can appreciate. I'm linking up with Nicole from All Things Apple for super Sunday Circulars!

After my first year teaching I knew I needed more than a clip chart for my friends. There didn't seem to be enough incentive, so that's when I started using these classroom reward coupons. I also use an economy system in my room, where students earn money for completing homework assignments, getting their planners signed, participating in class, and overall positive behaviors. With this money they buy their classroom coupons, but having classroom money is not at all required. That part is completely up to you!

I use a simple organization system for these reward coupons, this way it's easy and not another thing. Amen?! 

Using the coupons is sometimes incentive enough to do the right thing, but I do use this next product every. single. day. And love it. 

For October I printed my pumpkins on orange paper, and each Monday students grab a new behavior chart and tape it on their desks. The prep is simple--print and cut. When students are off-task, they "mark one off." I'm sure other teachers in the hallway think I'm crazy when I say, "Please make better choices so you don't lose a pumpkin (or bee, or flower, or chick!)." But my students understand the simple system, and know that at the end of each day they record their fraction in their planner. Parents know exactly what these fractions mean, because there's a parent sheet that goes home prior to use. It's individualized because it's on their desks, and it's there as a constant reminder. There are 2 versions available--the first has 5 clovers (or whatever the month is) and the second has 4 clovers. This is perfect for those special friends with behavior intervention plans and require more chances than others. 

So.. what's the deal?! If you buy the classroom reward coupons for $4, you get the behavior charts (regularly $2.50) for FREE! Just send me an email at letting me know your TPT username, and I'll send them right over! Happy shopping, friends! 

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  1. Hey Mandy!! Thanks so much for linking up!!! I love both of those sets your showcasing today!! I'm trying to figure out how I could use the behavior charts instead of the clip chart!

    Thanks again!!
    Nicole :)
    All Things Apple in 2nd