Sunday, November 16, 2014

Division Freebie

One week before Thanksgiving Break. Can I get an Amen? This week coming up is about all things turkey and making it through alive. I'm just popping in to give you all a few quick division freebies. I hope you can use them now, or pin them for later. Click on any of the pictures to download from TPT.  

We recently finished a multiplication unit, meaning on to division. I like to provide hands-on activities as much as possible, especially with new vocabulary terms. This sorting activity had students cut out and sort cards for dividend, divisor, and quotient. As you can see in the picture, such as in the quotient column, the quotient could be on top of the "box" or beside the equal sign. I like for my students to be familiar with the vocabulary no matter how the equation is set up. 

This activity requires students to read the word problem, write the total, then determine if the number given is the number of groups, or the number in each group. Here's an example of both types:

Example 1:
There were 16 drinks and 2 coolers. How many drinks were in each cooler?
Total: 16 drinks (Yes, I make my kiddos label the numbers! This ensures comprehension!)
Groups: 2 coolers
# in each group: 8 drinks in each cooler (This is what students had to figure out)
Division Sentence: 16 (divided by) 2 = 8

Example 2:
There were 20 hats. If there were 4 hats in each drawer, how many drawers were there?
Total: 20 hats
Groups: 5 drawers (this is what students had to figure out)
# in each group: 4 hats in each drawer
Division Sentence: 20 (divided by) 5 = 4

My students enjoyed this activity, and I felt it was a meaningful review.

I had my students complete this task with a partner, but each student had their own recording sheet. They had to first discuss their thoughts, then move to working it out, then explaining. When their explanations were written, they had to read them to their partners to ensure they said just what they wanted them to.

I hope you find these useful in your rooms!

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