Monday, February 18, 2013

Last Week + Weekend Randomness

First of all, I'm super-duper jealous of everyone who had today off! Although we didn't have kids at school, we did have science professional development followed by grade level planning. I suppose I shouldn't complain, because it could have been a regular day! 

So, last week! Thursdays have quickly become my favorite day of the week because my class visits the science lab. Yes, praise the LORD, we have an awesome science lab teacher who prepares the lessons while I get to watch, marvel at her amazingly creative ideas, and even participate! Anyway, we recently finished up our phases of the moon study by creating the phases using oreos. What a fun lesson! This last Thursday in lab we began an introduction to fossils, casts and molds by becoming "geologists." Students were given toothpicks and chocolate chip cookies and had to extract the fossils (chocolate chips) with their tool (the toothpick), while not using their hands. Then, students were given the softer chocolate chip cookies and were instructed to do the same, which they concluded was much easier. Here are the fossils I was able to get out... and then we ate them!

Next, we discussed casts and molds, and got to make our own fossils. Our lab teacher took 20 oz soda bottles and cut out the middle section to form a circular ring. Students took clay, rolled it around in their hands, and placed it in the plastic bottle. 

Students got to choose which artifact they wanted to make an imprint of. They could choose from seashells, plants or plastic dollar store animals. They pressed the shell or animal into the clay, then pulled it out, leaving an impression.

We mixed up plaster and poured it inside the mold, and left them overnight to harden. 

The next afternoon the students cut off the plastic rings, pulled the clay apart from the plaster, and had their very own fossils. They were amazed! What a cool project! Today at our PD we learned how to teach another 5E lesson about fossils in the sea, using bread and gummy worms. I'll be trying that soon!

This weekend was spent mostly relaxing... which was lovely! I had one of those, "I'm definitely a mom" moments while in Wal-Mart. My sweet Lilly (who is almost 18 months) has this addiction to Yo Gabba Gabba. Seriously.. every conversation we have is about "Mama, Gabba gibberish gibberish gibberish." Anyway, while in Wal-Mart (without Lilly) I saw this Gabba blanket and got so very excited. And that's when it hit me.. I'm getting old and I'm definitely a mom... sigh.. What can I say? I love my little girl!

Have a good week, friends! 

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