Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Liebster Award!

Happy Sunday, everyone! Remember how Sundays during a school year were filled with sadness since it meant we had to work again the next day? Sundays during summer are *almost* sad, because they mean another week of beloved vacation has come and gone. Sigh.. enjoy it while it lasts, my friends!
Anyway, on to exciting news! I've been nominated for the Liebster award from 2 of my blogging friends! (Click on their pictures to show them some lovin'!)
 Liebster is German for "sweet, darling, deloved," and is an award given to bloggers with less than 200 followers. I am honored to receive this award--now onto the rules.
1. Link back to the blog that nominated you.
2. Nominate 5-11 blogs with less than 200 followers.
3. Answers the questions posted for you by the nominator.
4. Share 11 random facts about yourself.
5. Create 11 questions for your nominees.
6. Contact your nominees by commenting on their blog or sending them an email to inform them of their nomination.
Questions from Twitte: 

1. What made you decide to start your blog?
This last year my county in NC began implementing Common Core. I needed new resources and thus began the blog stalking... I figured why not have my own blog?! So after much procrastination, ta-da!

2. What was your most rewarding teaching moment?
Probably my first year of teaching. I had that  class.. you know, the one every teacher dreads because there are that many behavior issues thrown in one? (Or maybe it only seemed that way because I was brand new). Yes. One certain kid gave me a run for my money every. single. day. At the end of the school year all my students wrote evaluations for me, and he said I was his favorite. And he passed all state testing, making major leaps.
3. What song best describes your life and why?
Umm... let me think about this one! ;)

4. How did you know that you wanted to be a teacher?
I always just kind of knew. I was that little girl who loved school and always had it set in my mind that teaching was for me.

5. What is your most favorite thing about teaching? What is your least favorite thing about teaching?
Hands-on learning, where all students in the room are motivated and learning for themselves. Least favorite? Paperwork.

6. Name your all-time favorite read aloud book. 
The BFG for sure!

7. What is the best thing about summer vacation?
Not feeling stressed about upcoming lesson planning, or any due dates in general.

8. How would you describe your teaching style?
I think I'm a laid back teacher, yet strict, who has fun with my students. I prefer hands-on and interactive note-booking, and lots of stations so students are engaged.

9. What is your favorite subject to teach and why?
My favorite subject is probably math, just because I've always loved math. It was what came easiest to me.

10. What is the best educational text you have ever read?
Teaching with Love and Logic. It gives basic suggestions on how to handle students, in a loving and logical way. A very good read for new teachers.

11. What is your favorite way to relax after a tough day at school?
A nap.. rarely does that happen.. heck. Never does that happen!
Questions from Ms. Third Grade
When did you decide you wanted to be a teacher?
I never decided, I just always knew.

How long have you been teaching?
This August will begin my 5th year.

What is your favorite lesson to teach every year?
I always loved teaching fraction lessons, because using chocolate is a MUST.

If you didn't teach your current grade, what grade would you teach?
Well, my current grade this year will be a mixed 2-3 class, but I would gladly go back to 4th grade!

What is your favorite read aloud?

The BFG.

What is one of your favorite projects that your students do?
When in NC my students created maps of our state showing the natural resources. They created map keys first, then used all their materials and placed them in the region they belonged in on the map... the materials were of course mostly candy. See a trend? :) I blogged about it {here} if you want to see!

What is one item you couldn't live without?
My phone.. I'll be honest.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Europe, again. I'd love to do the touristy thing and visit Paris and Italy.

What are your other hobbies other than teaching?
Hobbies indicates free time, correct? Ha! I actually enjoy working out, and try very hard to do so at least 4 times a week, so I would consider that a hobby.

Have you read anything lately? If so, what? 
Do blogs count? :)

What are your plans for the rest of summer?
I have a couple pinterest projects I'd like to create for my classroom, such as bucket seats. I also have TONS of house things I need to fix-up, such as hanging curtains and painting rooms. I may just take naps every day, though. ) I wish!) 
11 Facts about ME:
1. I was born in Germany, which is where my mom's side of the family still lives.
2. I have 3 dogs-- 2 Pit Bulls, Buddy and Dora, and 1 tiny, 1.5 lb Chihuahua, Paco.
3. I prefer a pool over the beach.. the sand gets to me!
4. I love to read, but rarely have the time... teaching, 2 kids, 3 dogs and a military husband--whew!
5. I have a thing for purses and earrings.. my husband bought me a Coach purse and I think I'm addicted.
6. I've ONLY taught 4th grade (for the last 4 years) and am slightly nervous about teaching 2nd and 3rd graders!
7. As much as I love my kids, I don't think I could ever be a stay-at-home mom. I would go crazy.
8. As a teacher, I go back and forth between the decision to get a master's degree to become a principal. Such a hard choice!
9. I secretly wish my husband would get stationed in either Germany or Italy so I could teach there and travel at the same time.
10. I'd like to have a fitness club for kids at school. Similar to PE, but to teach nutrition to teach nutrition tidbits as well and create fun, healthy snacks.
11. I think my husband is going to trade my jeep in for a truck because "obviously" I "need one." Do we believe this? :)
* It is HARD to come up with 11 facts about yourself--good grief!

The 5 fabulous nominees are:

1. Amy @ The Teacher Next Door
2. Lauren @ The Sweetest Thing
3.Paula @ Educating Children with Disabilities
4. Kaitlyn @ Second is the Best
5.Alison @ Rockin' & Lovin' Learnin'

***For my nominees: Because I think you are fabulous, click on the link to my TpT store, pick any item you would like, either comment below what the item is or send an email to mrsmandylopez@gmail along with your email address, and I'll gladly send it to you! ***
11 Questions for my nominees:

1. What's your favorite grade to teach?

2. Would you ever consider teaching in another country?

3. What is your favorite craft to make in your classroom?

4. Can you imagine yourself doing anything besides teaching?

5. Where is your dream vacation destination?

6. We all know teachers aren't supposed to have "teacher's pets," but don't we all?! Describe yours from last year.

7. What classroom theme do you have planned for next year?

8. What's your favorite subject to teach?

9.  What is your favorite fast food restaurant?

10. If you could "hand off" one of your responsibilities as a teacher, what would it be?

11. If you won the lottery, for say 150 million, would you still teach? :)

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  1. I loved reading your blog. Wow! You were nominated by two people, that's amazing.

    Needless to say, I'm your newest follower:)

  2. Hi Mandy! I'm sorry I'm just getting back to you--I was on vacation. Came back to some lovely Liebster nominations! I'm working on my responses to your questions but I'm so flattered by your nomination! Thank you for thinking of me :)

    Congrats on the move to 2nd&3rd! I love second graders! I checked out your store, and I'd love a copy of your language arts task cards! Those skills are so important for 2nd graders too! Thank you so much!
    Hope you had a great week! Look for my Liebster blog entry today or tomorrow!
    Keep in Touch!


    1. Just wanted to let you know that I got my Liebster post up! Thanks again for your nomination! What a fun way to find new blogs and welcome newbies! :)

      Thanks so much!