Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ice Cream Sundaes for Test Taking Review

Friday was our last day before "the big day," otherwise known as FCAT. I may be as nervous/anxious/excited as my kids, because this is my first year administering this test, and it's their first year taking this test. We worked hard all year, reviewed super hard all week, and so on Friday we put everything together in a fun, stress-free way.

First up.. ice cream sundaes! Each topping represented a skill I wanted my kids to remember for their reading tests.

1. Twizzlers, because we want to box the title and predict the passage
2. Nerds, because the smart people read the questions first
3. M&M's, because we want the  passage to linger in our minds (not our hands!)

 4. Sprinkles, because we want to find our answers in the text that may be sprinkled about
5. Smarties, because we check our answer like smarties
6. kisses, because we kiss our brains when we're done for all our hard work

After they made their sundaes, we used this review sheet to make the idea concrete of why exactly we were using each candy. They loved it! Let's just hope they remember this candy on Monday and Tuesday!

Would you like a copy of these?! You can grab the signs here and the recording sheet here!

Next up.. rockin' guitar people! I used a pack I found on TPT to create these adorable people, and then
made a bulletin board. So much fun!

My personal favorite right here! "FCAT is my middle name" Love!

On the Set List I had my kids write a few sentences about what they planned to do to be successful. Some are quite funny! 

"How I will be successful is by not going to la-la land. I will stay focused. I will do my best to pass FCAT."

Lastly... my kids have NO IDEA about these, but most all my parents sent in letters for their babies to read each day of testing. I have conducted secret operations to get all these letters here in time for testing, so I only had to write a few myself. Totally didn't mind! My kids will read these before testing, and also have a "Ray of Sunshine," a little pre-made note on their desk first thing. (The parent letters I sent home asking for notes to be sent in are in the Ray of Sunshine pack!)

If you need a great way to motivate your students before testing, I highly recommend this! My kids had a great day that should lead to great testing days!

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  2. Great activities. Thanks for sharing the test-taking review strategies. Best of luck this week. My third graders will be testing in Jacksonville, FL starting tomorrow.


  3. Love your toppings ideas! I think I'll just have to give them a try! :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  4. I love all of these cute candy ideas for the FCAT! I will definitely be pinning this for next year's test...whatever it is called. I hope your babies ROCKED it today! XOX
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  5. What a cute idea! We already finished up our testing for the year (Praise the Lord), but I will definitely be pinning for next year.