Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Portable Word Wall FREEBIE

Hi friends! Anyone else as exhausted as I am? This makes week one of school (with the students) and I already can't wait for Friday. At 3 pm, that is. I'm already dreaming of sleeping in Saturday morning then enjoying a nice workout and breakfast in my pjs. The first couple days of routines/procedures/routine/procedures over and over is tiring. But you all know this already! ;)

I wanted to share with you all a little (FREE) something I'm using in my class this year. I actually used it last year too, but just now put it together in one file. It's a simple concept really. I honestly don't have the space for a huge word wall. I do feel my students need to see words over and over, so they each have a portable word wall that can travel from station to station with them.

Today, for example, my students were working on writing the important things about themselves, modeled after The Important Book. As each child finished writing, I edited with them and corrected their spelling. I would write the correct spelling, circle it, and then expect them to write all correct spellings under the correct letter of the alphabet. My students are in 3rd grade, meaning cursive is a standard they are expected to learn. I put cursive letters inside their word walls, but also included print alphabet printables as well, if you need those. I tell my students that we'll add words to these walls as a class, and sometimes they will need to add words individually. These folders become their partners in crime, traveling with them.

Click on either of the pictures if you feel this is something you can use in your class, and you can download the file for free. You can also click {here} to check out other free resources in my shop!

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  1. Individual word walls are a great way to differentiate your instruction! thanks for sharing the freebie :-)