Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Beginnings


As it is a new year, I decided it was finally time to create my own blog, updating friends and colleagues about the happenings in my classroom {with my 4th grade lovelies} and various other family happenings {with my monsters} at home, and also to make new teacher friends to share ideas. To begin, here's a little information about me:

This lovely lady is my sweet Lilly with our dog Molly. She is a constant smile and my heartbeat, keeping mommy on her toes! Her favorite phrases so far tend to be, "No no!" and "Ma ma, Gabba!"

This handsome stud is Anthony, who is a 2nd grade genius. He's such a good big brother, helper and already has a way with the ladies. :)

And finally, this is Kevin, my superhero husband. :)

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