Monday, May 6, 2013

Shop til ya drop--and, Florida, here we come!

I'm pretty sure I have too much excitement for it to be a Monday. I can't help it, though! There's so many happy things taking place in my life right now, both school-related and life-related! Let me share...

1. My friend Holly at Fourth Grade Flipper has reached 500 followers. I can't even fathom how much excitement she has right now! I saw 50 today and felt the need to eat celebratory chocolate (but resisted!). Be sure to click on the picture and register for the awesome prizes she's giving away!

2. There's a SALE! Both Teachers Pay Teachers AND Teachers Notebook are having sales tomorrow and Wednesday! I'm throwing a 20% sale PLUS the extra TN and TPT are taking off--you don't want to miss it!
Two day sale

3. Teacher's Appreciation week: Sadly, my school is JUST NOW starting the process of getting a parent organization committee together, meaning no super-fantastic all-out appreciation days at school. I am, however, in charge of the committee at school who handles fun festivities such as these. Although we didn't have a large budget by any means, we are doing a little something special each day this week. Today we had lunch in the teacher's lounge, using these cute invitations.

Tomorrow will be donuts... who WOULDN'T be excited about chocolaty-cake goodness?!

4. My husband is graduating on Thursday!! For those of you who have husbands in the military, you know they are often gone... a lot. My husband hasn't been deployed the last year, but he has been in Special Forces training which has taken him away A LOT. He finally graduates on Thursday (pictures to come!), meaning we're soon off to Eglin Air Force Base, in Florida. We're looking into the Crestview area---any blogging buddies around there?! Help a sista outttt!

5. Speaking of shopping... I seriously buy my baby more clothes than I buy myself, as do most moms. Gymboree was having a sale. Well, we'll call is a "sale" because it makes my heart feel a little better. I simply adore the Australian animals and couldn't resist.

Finally, does anyone else feel tested out?! We haven't even taken any state tests yet--those are the last week of May. We are, however, doing benchmark assessments, even though we JUST finished similar assessments, WHILE completing reading assessments. Yes, LOTS of teaching time going on here, folks.. can't ya tell? The picture says it all. 

Enjoy your weeks, my blogging friends. Go eat chocolate, take a nap, shop, get a massage, and do zero chores. It's OUR week--we deserve to do that! :)

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