Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ladies, I need your help!

As the year is coming to an end, so are the manners of my students! This afternoon I completely skipped math and had a "come to Jesus" meeting with my class. The girls have become quite hateful, even going as far to write notes to one another with words I shouldn't type on here! The boys have obviously forgotten the procedures that have been in place since, oh, I don't know, AUGUST, and are driving me bonkers. This afternoon I had to put my super serious/disappointed face on and go over my expectations for them at all parts of the day, and the consequences if they could not seem to follow by these rules. The kids wrote down the rules and procedures again, and then had to sign their papers, stating they agreed to the terms and consequences. They were oddly silent this afternoon, but let's see how tomorrow goes. ;)

On another, more cheerful note, I need your help!! My husband has been gone for a month now with a military school, and I haven't gotten to talk with him once. He has sent 2 letters, but I couldn't respond to them. He finally comes home Saturday, after what seems like an eternity! So--here's my idea: I have written letters to him a couple times a week and put them in envelopes. I would *like* to also have a cute little gift basket filled with things that say I miss you! The first thing that comes to my mind is of course candy-related items, but he is a weird-o who doesn't like too much candy.

I would like something along the lines of the pictures above, only for my husband, and not all candy. The one candy idea I did come up with was, You're the "Riesen" I smile.
Any other ideas, ladies? Anything sweet you've done for your husbands that you'd like to share? Help a sista ouuuut! 



    "I'm 'pop'ping with excitement that you're home!"
    "I'm 'beer'y glad you're home!"

    Or you could use the first one with a bag of microwave popcorn.

    I'll keep looking... ;)

    Fifth in the Middle

  2. Ahhh! What a cute idea! I'm sure after what he's been through he'd like a beer! :)

  3. I had my own come to Jesus meeting this week. I feel your pain. How about you're my best bud with a bud or budlight? I ofishially missed you with some gold fish.