Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall Freebie!

Happy Fall, my friends!

I'm sad that the weather here in Florida doesn't quite feel fall-ish yet--not even a little bit. Back home in NC I hear about friends wearing sweaters and scarves and I'm a tad bit jealous. But--I decorated my house anyway and made a fall math freebie for you all to enjoy!

The station can be played as an addition or multiplication game using these games cards. There are 2 pages of pumpkin cards, 0-12. I print 2 sets for each group so they have a total of 32 cards.

This is the game board students use to play. Each player needs a game piece, such as a chip or token. How cool would it be to let students use the candy corn pumpkins as game pieces, and each time they get to move their pumpkin, they get to eat a small piece of candy corn? Talk about cavities incentives!

And this is the recording sheet that keeps the students accountable. There is one for multiplication and addition. 
This game is free in my TpT store, so just click on any of the pictures above to snatch it up. Included is a color version as well as a black/white version. Enjoy, my friends, and happy Fall!

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