Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Two for Tuesday 50% off Sale!

As summer comes to an end (super sad face!) it's time to get our minds in school mode again. As a teacher, I don't know that our minds ever really turn off completely, but I hope you had at least a little break to refresh and relax. I thought about going in this week to start on my classroom, but I'm savoring these last few days will my Lilly. My classroom will still be there next week, with plenty of time to set up before the kids arrive. I can put off the craziness that is "back to school" for a couple more days. 

Since we're all thinking about back to school planning, I've decided to put two behavior management products on sale for you. We all know the importance of setting high expectations for behavior the first day of school, and these monthly behavior charts are what I'm currently using. I started using these around December of last school year because my class needed something new--and wow. When I personalized the system, I saw spectacular things (and wasn't nearly as crazy!).

My favorite part about this system is probably the initial set-up. Together, the students and I determine the consequences for losing (whatever is on their chart). Students take ownership of deciding the consequences, and are therefore familiar with them. They sign the contract, their parents sign it, and I keep a copy of it in a folder, then send the original back home for parents. This leaves nothing to question for students or parents. 

This system is available here, for only $1.25 today! 

In my classroom my students know doing the right things pays... literally. We have a classroom economy system where we use Hollywood Bucks, because we have a Hollywood theme going on. Even without a themed classroom, having money is great, and trust me--the students love it. I use reward coupons in conjunction with the behavior charts above. Students can earn classroom money for keeping all of their daily "items," and then when it's shopping time, they spend their money on these behavior reward coupons. Shopping days are happy days, friends, for students and me.. mainly because I don't actually spend any real money. 

In this set I did include classroom money, but it truly isn't necessary to use if you don't want to. Students can earn classroom rewards for whatever your current behavior management system already is. 

There are 40 rewards total, as well as the classroom money, on sale today for only $2. You can check these out here

Happy shopping, friends. I hope you enjoy your last few days of summer, if you haven't started back already!

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  1. How is my sweet Lilly doing? Give her a big hug from me!!! I am going to make myself go into school...maybe this weekend....so not ready.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. She's wonderful.. being cute as usual. I think I may go in tomorrow.. #ilied #icanthelpit