Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Two for Tuesday: Reward Coupons & Inference Task Cards aaaand....

It's Two for Tuesday time! I'm linking up with The Teaching Tribune yet again for another day of awesome deals! Sadly, this is the last week of Two for Tuesday.. so I included oneeee extra deal. ;)

First up are my NEW classroom reward coupons. I initially posted some of these coupons in my Hollywood Behavior Management System, but since all of you aren't as obsessed with all things Hollywood as I am, I decided to make these rewards into their own file, and add to them.  They're on sale for $2 today only, for 40 coupons plus classroom money if you'd like to use that. Coupons are a GREAT way to motivate students and let me tell you--students just LOVE earning these rewards!

Tips for organization...

And secondly... Making Inferences Task Cards! This set of 28 task cards, including a game board, recording sheet, anchor chart and answer key, is on sale for $1.25. That's all!

These task cards are included in a money-saving bundle in you're interested, with 188 task cards for $10.50  $5.25 since it's the last Two for Tuesday!  Happy shopping! :)

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