Saturday, March 16, 2013

Have you forgotten EVERYTHING?!

Spring Break Blues

Maybe it's because of the weather, being *almost* warm and spring-like, or because we have 2 weeks before Spring Break, but my students most definitely act as if they have forgotten everyyyy rule/procedure that has been established since the beginning of the year. I get that they will be a little more talkative... and I get they may "forget" their homework, but the last straw was on Friday. During the middle of our fraction activity, I had a student get up and sharpen a pencil. Now yes, I know to someone who is not a teacher this seems like, "So what? His pencil broke." But to those of us who are teachers, and have established the rule to NOT sharpen pencils during instruction, especially when the teacher is talking, we know this is a big no-no. As soon as the poor little guy started sharpening, all eyes in the room first clung to me, waiting for my reaction, and then after seeing the look of horror on my face, bounced to the kid... who looked around with shock... and slowly walked away from the sharpener. 

I've decided it's time we have a refresher on the rules of the class. I made a quick and easy "Find Someone Who" activity just for this. Students have a set amount of time to walk around the room and find other students in which they can review the rules with. They should end up with 9 different signatures and answers. You can download this freebie by clicking on the link below to my TpT store.

Are your kids going crazy, too? What are you doing to counteract this??


  1. Cute freebie! My kids were acting like this before I was out sick and KNOW they were horrible when I was out. I found this post and going to try it out

    *I replied to your post via email :)


  2. Hi! I just saw your comment on Jess's blog from I Heart Recess and saw 4th grade and got super excited because I love to find other 4th grade bloggers! Yay!!

    My kids are acting crazy too, but I'm still trying to cram everything in!! I'm almost to the point of bribery but your activity looks cute!

    Thanks!! Stop by our blog if you get a chance!
    Collaboration Cuties