Monday, March 11, 2013

More Fractions... and life.

Do you ever have those weeks where you feel like you're SO behind... and it's only Monday? Yes. That was my day. I feel like we got ridiculously behind when I was out for 3 days (in a row), so this week we're doubling up on math instruction. I figure it will either work really well or really, well, not well. Ha! Today was good though, because we played a review Jeopardy game, worked with a meaningful math task card provided by the county I work in, and then took our fraction assessment. I've been trying to include word problems in every corner I can, to prepare my babies for state testing coming in May. Here's a glimpse of the assessment.
 Since we've been exploring fractions for the last couple weeks, and have more weeks to follow with Common Core, I've made fraction "I Have, Who Has" games as a review. They take maybe 5 minutes and are a good, quick way to get the little brains working. Here's a glimpse of those!

Professional Development

Last Friday we had a PD day in my county. Our focus was meaningful questioning, in all subjects. We watched this video at the beginning of the session, and it was hilarious! If you have never seen it, please watch it... and laugh! The point was, I guess, that we have ALL used the "wiggly finger" approach to getting our kids to say the correct answer, yet the kids aren't actually thinking through the answer. We explored the types of questions we should be asking our students that allow them to think for themselves and lead them to becoming independent thinkers. We practiced standard-based, text-dependent questions--which is something I know I can improve on.

In other news...

Do you sometimes find it hard to maintain a balance of school, home, and personal time? That has been me lately! Sick kids, lesson plans, grading papers, collaborating, wife duties... it seems that the personal time part of the trio always seems to lack. My goal for the rest of the month is to work out at least 4 times a week. So far so good... how do you get your personal time in??

Have a fantastic week... Spring is in the air! :)

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