Sunday, March 3, 2013

Map Time!

North Carolina Natural Resources

On Friday of last week we ended our SS unit on natural resources in NC. What a better way to end than creating huge maps using cAnDy?! Oh yes, it was such a glorious mess! Ha! I put students in groups to work, and we began by making map keys.

After making the map keys I had the idea of using Angry Bird gummies to represent hogs, but of course I thought of that after the fact. Anyway, I had already created baggies of supplies for each group to save class time, so next students sorted all their materials, then got to work. Here are some of the groups hard at work:

It was fun to see how well my students worked together for this project. Some groups tasked out who should do what, while others did everything together. Getting the Twizzlers to stick was a bit of a headache, but we'll see tomorrow morning how well they held together.

Viola! Here's a finished product:

Enjoy your week!

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  1. Found your blog through the linky party! I too teach 4th grade in NC and Love this project. I am going to have to complete it with my students.

    Where do you teach? I am in Cumberland County.

    Your newest follower!


  2. Me again :) Do a list of the supplies you used and where did you get the large map of NC? I am going to do this with my kids for sure!


  3. No way.. I teach in Cumberland County! What a small world!!

    I can email you a list of supplies if you'd like. The map was drawn by our art teacher.. I can make things on the computer but when it comes to drawing--not my thing! I traced several copies for my students to work in groups.. Much better than cutting them out so the twizzlers could dry around the edges. If you send me your email I'd be happy to get you that list!

  4. Thanks!

    Very Small World!