Tuesday, June 23, 2015

2 for Tuesday: Task Cards & Reward Coupons!

Happy Tuesday, friends! In the summer Tuesday should now be associated with half-off deals, so SHOPPING! I'm linking up with some fabulous teacher-authors to give you some steals you won't want to miss out on--but only on Tuesdays!

First up is my task card bundle, a $15 value that is usually discounted to $10.50, is now on sale for $5.25 for today ONLY! Summer is the PERFECT time to get these prepped, by simply printing and laminating if you choose. They work well in stations for independent or partner practice, as well as in small groups with the teacher. However you choose to use them, they offer great skills practice!

What will you be receiving??

Next up, another awesome item to create in the summer are Classroom Coupons, discounted to only $2 today! They do WONDERS for classroom management! Included are 40 class coupons plus classroom money to use if you choose. 

Happy shopping, friends! Make sure to check out Chalk One Up for the Teacher's blog for other great deals and steals!

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