Friday, June 12, 2015

Five for Friday!

Oh, friends. Let me just say how THANKFUL I am for summer break. How thankful I am to write a blog post for Five for Friday in peace. I am currently sitting at my kitchen table, watching Netflix, with nothing significant planned today. Yes, please.

1. Monday was our last official teacher workday, and Tuesday began my first PD of the summer. It's a 9 day face-to-face ESOL class that has gotten out early every day so far--praise sweet Jesus our teacher gets it! #teachertired I would rather just browse Pinterest all day and have that count, but that hasn't worked out for me yet. Do you have amazing boards on Pinterest? Please leave your link in the comments--I'd love to follow you! You can follow me here!

2. I have one excited little girl to see her daddy soon! When I woke her up this morning, before even opening her eyes she said, "Is my daddy home yet, mommy?" Sweetness. "Daddy can snuggle with us in our bed, mommy."

3. Week one of summer break and my creative juices have been flowing already. These citing text evidence posters and classroom materials are currently on sale for 50% off! You can check these out here!

4. I apologize in advance if you're trying to be healthy. I made this pie twice in the last month for 2 parties because it's just that easy to make, and quick. And when you eat it.. you'll thank me. :)

5. Despite my #4 (all the pie), I have consistently been doing this workout and LOVE it. Each day consists of a different muscle group to work, such as arms or legs, and this summer I plan to incorporate cardio each day, also. Oh, summer!

I hope you all are enjoying some sweet sunshine with no sides of lesson plans!


  1. Oh my, that pie! It looks so good! I'm for sure going to make that in the near future! So glad the hubby will be home soon!

    A Tall Drink of Water

  2. Oh...your sweet daughter! Enjoy your time with your family :)

    Made with Love

  3. I'd love for you to check out my Pinterest boards @epnewman

  4. Good morning :) I found you by searching for Florida teacher blogs. I wanted to connect with local teachers. We moved here from Virginia - where I had started to blog and knew of some local bloggers. I'd love to chat with some other local bloggers! I live in Pensacola :)

    -Alison :)

  5. My Pinterest name is Gina Baran. I'm a fellow 4th grade teacher