Saturday, April 20, 2013

Field trip fun... or fail?!

As a child, I can remember the excitement of a field trip. Everything from riding the bus (in the back, of course!) to bringing my favorite lunch with extra snacks.. ah, it was all so exciting! Now, as a teacher in charge of the well-being of lots of little people, I see why my teachers never seemed to have as much fun as the students. The junk is stressful! Having to make sure all the people you leave with actually come back with you? Man! Exhausting!

So yesterday we were scheduled to leave by 7:45 to head out to Raleigh, NC to go see the Titanic exhibit that's located inside the science museum. First we had permission slip issues, which turned into us leaving 30 minutes later than expected. No big deal.. who is ever on time to a field trip, anyway, right? Well.. as we're about halfway there, the bus is filled with not-so-quiet chatter and IT hits me... in the midst of the chaos and confusion of the morning, I definitely did not grab the check. The $600 check located in the safe that was supposed to pay for entrance fees. Sweet Jesus. It's times like these I'm glad I prayed to my sweet Jesus before I even left my house, or I'd be a basket case. How exactly is one supposed to tell 75 little faces that they're actually going back home? Ugh. After calling the school (a dreaded task), the book-keeper said I should ask about mailing the check. I bravely walked into the box office and explained my dilemma (while trying not to cry), and as nice as the lady was, she just couldn't say yes. So I did what any (crazy) teacher would do, and wrote out a check for $600 myself to cover the trip until the school check arrives my mail. My husband would and may still disown me, but there was no way I was walking back to those buses without Titanic tickets in hand. No way, Jose! As long as the check arrives prior to Tuesday I'll be good--no harm, no foul. So all you praying people out there--say one for me that an angel delivers that check bright and early Monday morning! :)

The rest of the day went beautifully... I tried to breathe and remember to have fun, but I was really just glad when 4:25 came around and my last kiddo had been picked up. Here are some pictures from the museum. I would post some from the Titanic exhibit, but no cameras were allowed. Here's a brief tidbit of what it was about:

Despite the rough start to my day, the field trip did turn out well and everyone I left with did indeed get returned safely. The kids had a blast and made many meaningful connections to what we've studied throughout the year.

If asked their favorite part, I'm sure at least half of them would reply, "The escalator!" :)

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  1. Oh goodness I'm sorry your field trip began so badly. I've had 2 pretty rough field trips this year as well. One, the bus driver didn't know where to go and we were late for a PLAY!! On the last one 4 students decided not to leave with us to get on the bus......we spent 30 mins. Looking for them and had to eat on the bus:(. Glad your kiddos had a good time.

    I'm having a giveaway this week....stop by.

  2. I feel for you and your trip. Praying that check gets there ASAP! I have a field trip this week and am a bit frantic trying to remember everything I need to bring (It's an overnight camping trip.) I'm glad everything worked out and that your kiddos had a great time.
    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  3. I just prayed for you and will keep praying for you!! I totally agree about field trips being a bit more stressful as teachers. Just a bit though! Ha!! Not even.

    Crofts' Classroom

  4. Wow - what a stressful and unexpected situation to put in, I probably would have done the same exact thing as you with the check fiasco! I'm glad the rest of the field trip was successful. Are those the hissing Madagascar cockroaches- NASTY!! Hop on over to my 4th grade blog, I'm celebrating my Bday and gaining 200 blog followers!
    Your newest follower,
    Antonia @ forkin4th