Thursday, April 4, 2013

Powerful Products Linky Party

Happy Thursday, everyone! I haven't been in school all week (Spring Break!) but wanted to link up Jess from I Heart Recess and share a powerful product. Feel free to link up, too! 

I used this unit towards the beginning of the school year when we were studying poetry. My kids had a BLAST with it! It was created by Jen Maschari for grades 4-6. The unit is complete with a suggested lesson plan (Yes!), many different poems, how-to's for poem writing, a "peeling the onion" guide for understanding poems, pre-test, vocabulary and even a suggested bulletin board. It has 56 pages total and was a life saver that saved me TONS of time! Click on the picture to take a look around her store!

After a little exploration, my students came up with their own definition of what poetry is. They were limited to 3 words, which I then typed using different fonts and they all got a copy of. Some of their ideas were quite creative! The picture above is an example from Jen's unit.

This was the bulletin board idea from her packet. She included the owl picture for printing, and the leaves were easy to whip up with the vocabulary terms on them. Too cute! 

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  1. Thanks for linking up! I need to review poetry with my kids. I may have to check this out :)


  2. Hey Mandy! Thanks so much for featuring my product! I am currently revising it a little bit so it is off the site right now, but should be re-posted soon. Your Poetree looks awesome. So glad you and your students enjoyed this unit. :)